View Full Version : FS: 1992 500E, White/Black, 204kKm, $7,812, Tokyo

07-09-2011, 11:35 PM
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Ad title states "500E 450SL" but details confirm model 124036 and displacement at 5,000cc. Photos also confirm lack of convertible top :) maybe they are redirecting 450sl searchers? Only 2 low quality photos. Aftermarket exhaust (Remus?) and rear spoiler. I haven't seen that many white examples and never any with black interior, they are usually tan. Rear bumper cover seems different, it has an added strip on the lower portion which I've never noticed before.

"Looks and runs great" is all that is stated in the features.

http://www.japanesecartrade.com/stock/j ... 72439.html (http://www.japanesecartrade.com/stock/japan-used-mercedes-500e-used-sedan-car-372439.html)