View Full Version : Another 500E FS in Vancouver???

09-08-2010, 08:16 AM
Last night, while parking my 500E, I was approached by someone wanting to know about 500's.
"this is the 500E? This is the Porsche car? This is real?"
he said he was looking for 500E to buy and could I tell him about maintenance, and what to look for.

He had a car he was wanting to look at, going for $14,500. He said he knew of a "gunmetal grey JDM car" that had sold, likely the car Valvefloat bought. He thought this other one might be JDM as well.
I'll probably run into this guy again and find out if he's seen the car. Up until now, you never saw 500's around, up here.

I know this is NOT the Sapphire Black Limited that Dave saw in Mission. That's another car nobody knows about locally!