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Thread: North Carolina upholstery shop recommendations

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    North Carolina upholstery shop recommendations

    All, I have a friend who recently moved from Dallas, TX to Wilmington NC and is looking for an upholstery shop to fix the interior on his 1975 Mercedes Benz 450SEL. He just bought the car, it has low mileage and the hide is in great shape.

    However the horse hair and the batting has deteriorated so he will need to have the seats removed and new batting stitched in.
    He's not happy with the quality of the leather offered by the kit providers and would rather find a shop that can repair what he has instead of ordering a new kit.

    He's well connected in the DFW car circles but as he's not familiar with NC, I'd be grateful if anyone can personally recommend a shop that they've used and are happy with.

    Here's a picture of the problem which I'm sure everyone with a 6.9 is aware of.

    With best regards

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    Re: North Carolina upholstery shop recommendations

    We can do it, but it will Cost some!

    Don't know anyone up that way, hell, one of the reasons I grabbed the equipment and the ppl was because I couldn't find a shop to do things the way I wanted them.

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    Re: North Carolina upholstery shop recommendations

    Jonathan, thanks. I'll let him know that there is someone in Atlanta. It's closer than Texas and he's talking to me about bringing it here.

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