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Thread: Headlights Wiper arms colour?

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    Headlights Wiper arms colour?

    Hi All,

    I would like to re-spray the wiper arms as the paint is flaking around the hinges. What is the paint code for the arms? They are Satin black
    Also any tips for best results?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Headlights Wiper arms colour?

    I don't know of any paint code- as you say they are just Satin Black finish.

    1:Wet sand then back & fill any stone chips
    2: 2x light coats of etch primer aerosol (Upol Acid 8)
    3: Allow primer to cure overnight then wet flat again with 800 grit
    4: 2 light finish coats of satin black

    Top tip- Make sure to keep the hinge area well flatted back. Otherwise when re-fitting the hinge will take the new paint off.

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    Re: Headlights Wiper arms colour?

    PTFE coating is the only coating holding up on the wiper arms due to the harsh conditions they stay in. And likely all kind of wiper arms for any application has that from factory. The Xylan 1010 series has been widely used in the Oil & Gas business for years, especially for subsea applications, which I have been dealing with for 30 years. Search around and you'll find the shops doing the process, it will be industry paint shops.

    Here is a couple of links about Xylan:
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