At first thought I had gotten a bad flash but was able to use a 9 volt and test function it works. Had been reading the diagram upside down for my car so was trying to use the opposite side of the port but got that figured out. Now have the right orientation and have tried to pull codes off both pin 4 and 17 ( LH airgas )but nada it's as dead as a stone. Not my 1st round using a blink as I owned an 89 Volvo 740 Turbo and used a blink to pull the codes out of the Bosh LH system on that car but it's been a while. H As is the norm this car just is NOT cooperating here. Any suggestions??
Only time I ever got a light at all on the blink is when I had reversed the leads and got a solid red. Car is running well right now but sure would be nice to clear the codes and reset the 92 LH I just dropped in it.