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Thread: SLS knock after reservoir hose replacement

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    SLS knock after reservoir hose replacement


    Reviewing the SLS posts on the site but haven't yet found anything directly applicable so thought I would ask....

    While getting the car ready for spring out from winter storage, I noticed that the braided rubber hose between the bottom of the SLS reservoir and the hard line was leaking. I removed the hose and reservoir, cleaned the reservoir, replaced the hose, and refilled the reservoir with the correct (new) fluid. Started the car up and drove it around and everything functioned OK... I noticed that the new fluid in the reservoir went from super clean to a bit darker - indicating to me that the fluid was circulating.

    Everything seemed to be OK for about 60 miles (3 or so commutes to work), when suddenly, on the highway, I started to hear a loud knock from the rear suspension. Sounded like a baseball bouncing around in the trunk.

    Traced the noise to the right rear suspension. I can get the sound to happen by bouncing the rear right rear side of the car. The noise seems to come from the top of the shock vs. the bushing on the bottom. I have had the bushing issue before and replaced the shocks about 20,000 miles ago. This doesn't sound like the bushing failure did before...

    So the question is... did I mess up by not bleeding the SLS system after the hose replacement or am I missing something else? (Or has the bushing failure returned...?).

    Any suggestions/recommendations/comments would be appreciated.



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