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Thread: Short causing gauge cluster faults

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    Short causing gauge cluster faults

    I've been experiencing an intermittent fault with the gauge cluster, particularly the gas and oil level gauges and the warning lights. It occurs most frequently when I am on the gas or going over broken pavement but it is getting more frequent.

    Essentially these gauges cut in and out very rapidly, as if there is a connection that is barely making contact somewhere. I'm just not sure where to start checking.

    Likely culprits?

    Thanks guys

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    Re: Short causing gauge cluster faults

    If the flickering is happening when the car is vibrating, it's a loose connection....likely the electrical connector at the back of the instrument cluster. Pull the cluster and check all of the connections at the back for integrity. Even, remove them and re-connect them, inspecting for loose and/or corroded connections. Also, check the ground point at the firewall, behind the instrument cluster when it's out, to be sure that there is no corrosion or loose connections there.

    Be sure to check the fuse in the fuse box that controls the instruments' electrical flow. Rotate the fuse (well, all of your fuses) in their holders with your fingers.

    You can make a temporary tool from a couple of pieces of stiff coat hanger wire, making a loop on the end so you can grip it, but you need to be VERY careful when pulling the cluster out.

    Two of GSXR's relatives have made videos on the topic...

    First, his second cousin, once removed "Diesel Mercedes":

    And secondly, his Uncle Kent:

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