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Thread: Temp guage, overheating

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    Temp guage, overheating

    First question:
    Read through the forums, and looks like most folks agree that 119 should be running hotter than 103/104. Why is that? I thought 104 will be running hotter since 119 seems to have a lot more room under the hood than 104.

    Second question:
    Compared to my E320, E420 takes much longer to warm up and often sits at 80 degree mark for extended times. But, when it starts creeping up (idle traffic, low rpm etc), it seems to hover around 100 degree mark which most posters deem ok. So, is the first part expected or seen on these cars?

    Third question:
    What's the recommended source for fan clutch? Most places (pelican, ahaz etc) have either MB for 800$ or URO for 80$. Don't like either option.

    Thx much.

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    Re: Temp guage, overheating

    1) The M104 is longer and has no space up front, but lots on each side. The M119 has more space up front, but very little on the sides. In general the M119 takes up more room and produces more heat; and the 124 chassis was not originally designed to accommodate a V8, so it's pushing the limits of cooling capacity.

    2) The M119 should not take a long time to warm up. This is either due to a faulty thermostat (if more than 5-7 years old, replace with OE/OEM on principle) or a dash gauge that is not accurate. Or both. It should come up to 80-85C rather quickly. At low speeds or idling (especially on warm days) it may hang around 100C, which may give some people panic attacks, but in reality it's not a cause of concern.

    3) There are multiple fan clutch threads with a ton of info. The OE MB is preferred IF, and I mean IF, it's working properly... which is a real crapshoot even on brand new ones. Discount dealers may have it for ~$600 but it's somewhat of a gamble these days. (The older threads go into more detail.) DO NOT use Uro or any other no-name clutch, there's an old thread with photos of someone who used one of these and had it come apart within 100 miles IIRC, destroying his radiator. The only acceptable alternative I know of is the ACM, which requires a shorter bolt, and will be engaged far more than it needs to be... some people don't mind this, but I find the constant roar annoying. Bottom line there's no easy answer and you'll need to figure out which option is best for your needs.

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