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    OWNER - izeve

    As I posted on ‘world map of …’, here I am. I will introduce my E500.
    [First of all, please try to cope with my poor English level]

    This is kind of typical story… or not.
    I am in love with E500E since I was young, a teenager in fact.
    At that time, I could hardly dream with being an owner… not even sitting in one.
    Around 1998 an old man I knew who told me one day: ‘Hey, I have just bought another car. It’s a 500E. It’s not a 500SE, you know? Do you know this car?’
    And I said: ‘Yes. Of course I know it. Will you show it to me, please?’
    Some weeks later I was invited to his garage an there I touched a 500E for the very first time in my life. Although it had his gorgeous C126-560SEC aside (which I also knew) that time I only had eyes for that special W124.
    It was a 122/271 unit. I liked that colour so much!
    But some years before, in late 1995, I started to regularly see an E500. I was attending English lessons in a school which was around ten minutes’ walk from my parents’ home, and this E500 was owned by a man who had some artificial suntan business near that school. So almost every day (twice or three times per week) I went to that school I had the opportunity to pass nearby THE CAR and see it.
    At that time, I did not pay attention to details like optional equipment -for example- and did not know anything more than it was ‘the’ special W124.
    I stopped going to that school around the beginning of 1996 because of my university timetable didn’t allow me to, so I stopped seeing the car. But I had number plate.
    When I started working in a full time job, I started to think about owning a 500E. Although I knew it would be high purchasing price and high-cost maintenance, this was THE CAR I wanted to have as a leisure time car, but I did not know if I could reach it or not.
    I started to look for information on the internet and I also started keeping all the info I found about (Spanish) number plates, VINs and other data of the units I found for sale and also of the few units I saw on the street (with some friends help) in my personal files.
    This is how I have managed to have some information about more than a hundred E500E units in Spain.
    This allowed me to detect a couple of illegal stories and also to get to know some owners. I was also aware about some good units unfortunately leaving our country, which meant fewer opportunities for me to have MY OWN unit.
    Time passed by. And prices increased. And my hopes decreased.
    But I decided any given time to own one. Seriously, I mean.
    While paying attention to sale ads on the internet, I started to select units in Spain among those that were on my list.
    Some owners did not want to sell, others did not kept the car in reasonably good conditions… but I started to have some conversations (firstly on the phone, then personally) with an owner who accepted to show the car to me and even though he let me drive the car. I was more and more excited and finally decided to ask him if he would sell the car to me. He gave me a price and I tried to lower it talking to him, but I was not successful… so I had to accept! It was mine at last!
    What I haven’t told you is that it was the same car I saw when I went to English lessons!
    And in my opinion this is a plus, in my case.
    I thought it was a 577 car, but after I knew VIN I saw that it was delivered to somewhere in Germany in January 1994, and then brought to Spain in July 1995. Although I preferred a 577, I opted to buy this unit, as it came to Spain with around a year and a half.
    It’s another 199/271
    241 260 272 305 441 551 570 581 620 682 810 819 873 880
    No 412, I know. But (although I know it is highly appreciated) it is not a priority for me.
    Some photographs in order for you to see this 199/271 unit.

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    Re: OWNER - izeve

    It looks like a nice clean, original E500. Cool story too - like you I always wanted an E500E but never even laid eyes on one until just over a year ago. Then 3 weeks later I was on a plane again to go collect my own 500E

    Congrats on your purchase
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    Re: OWNER - izeve

    Love the way stock E500 looks. Nice and elegant no aftermarket tweaks and stuff.
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    Re: OWNER - izeve

    Nice intro, nice car.

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    Re: OWNER - izeve

    Congrats on your purchase! Looks great and so is your story.

    If you ever find a 122/263 or 273, let me know! That is my holy grail.

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    Re: OWNER - izeve

    Great story and beautiful car. Congratulations!
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    Re: OWNER - izeve


    Welcome to the forum. Thanks for the nice intro. I think a lot of us have similar stories about lusting over our beloved E500Es. Myself I knew nothing about them until the late 90s when I discovered Need2Speed's web site. Then it all started, I kept finding more articles on line that were sucking me in. Around 2000 already 58 years old I started searching for a 500E. At first just looking at for sale advertisements on line and in the newspapers. Then I started actually going and looking at cars. I knew after my first drive that I had to have one. I looked at quite a few cars over the next year and a half and kicked a lot of tires then lost interest for a while.

    Long story short in October 9, 2004 a Saturday morning, I just happened to be reading the newspaper and saw a 500E for sale locally in the classand only about a 1/2 hour drive from my home. I hopped in the car and went to look at it. I was shocked at how nice this car looked and it was exactly the color I wanted an all black 040. Within an hour's time I made an offer to the Owner which was accepted. Since that day I have been a happy Owner of a 500E with no regrets.

    I wish for you a similar experience with your new ride and make it a long one.

    Take Care

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    Re: OWNER - izeve

    I enjoyed your story. That looks like a beautiful example. Welcome.

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    Re: OWNER - izeve

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