About a year ago I picked up a'94 E420 that needed some engine work. Towed it to my friends shop and worked out a trade-my labor helping him move several W140s,R129s and other stuff off of his ex's property for him fixing my Benz.

Well long story short, he literally went insane ,disappeared along with everything in his shop. I was left with my E420 missing engine trans wiring harness and gauge cluster. Towed that shell home. Later found out my "buddy" was in jail for terrorist threats , assaulting a police officer & mayhem. Deemed 5150,he's sitting in their rubber room awaiting trial.

I was ready to part out what was left but got a deal on a 93 500E engine and transmission. I have been researching on this site and other forums figuring what stuff I need to get. I figure since the car has no ASR that I will need a throttle body and MAF from a non ASR SL500 or W140 from 93 to 95. Will the EZL still in the E420 work? Will a W140 harness work ? Any other ASR stuff I need to give the heave-ho? The shamen of the Stuttgart sports sedan here will hopefully impart their wisdom