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Thread: Camber adjustment components to correct inner tire wear?

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    Camber adjustment components to correct inner tire wear?

    All suspension is new and aligned by two different shops and the camber is maxed out of spec with my H&R springs. So I need to correct this to stop wasting expensive tires. K-mac seems ridiculously overpriced. Any suggestions on a front camber plates and a rear adjustable camber arm? I have looks at Silver products but it seems that it is better suited for a race track not for daily street use. I do see some nice rear arms with offset poly rod ends for clearance that I am leaning towards. Any info appreciated.

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    Re: Camber adjustment components to correct inner tire wear?

    Contact Leistung Autohaus they has some Camber plates..

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    Re: Camber adjustment components to correct inner tire wear?

    Are you wearing out the insides of front tires, rear tires, or both? What is the negative camber measurement from the alignment sheet?

    You generally don't need any parts for camber adjustment up front, but in the rear you can get Megan Racing camber arms to reduce rear camber (it's not adjustable from the factory).

    Avoid K-Mac unless you enjoy the suspension squeaking like a mouse convention. The Megan rear arms use bonded rubber bushings like factory and are silent. Also avoid rear arms with Heim joints for street use, particularly if driven in winter, they need frequent cleaning/lubrication.

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