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Thread: Euro Headlamp Vacuum Line Routing

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    Euro Headlamp Vacuum Line Routing


    Looking for routing and color information for the headlamp adjuster vacuum lines on the Euro E500E's.

    1) Can you see the purple line coming out of the firewall or is it another color, if it is purple what color is the line it attaches to?

    2) I think the RH side goes under the blower motor area but have no idea where it goes after that.
    3) Same with the left side.

    I think both lines travel along the same path as the headlamp wiring harness but I am not sure.

    Can some take a look under their hood and give me an idea as to where the factory routed their lines?


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    Re: Euro Headlamp Vacuum Line Routing

    I laid mine the same as my friend's E500 Ltd which still had the lines there after being federalised with USA lites...right along each fender and up to the brake booster area where it all joins up and goes thru the firewall...just like OE and along side the headlamp wires

    I have a pics somewhere...I hope to find them and post. I did it almost 10 years ago !
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