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Thread: 500e front seat leather cover, cream-beige

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    500e front seat leather cover, cream-beige

    1993 500E

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    Re: 500e front seat leather cover, cream-beige

    Those are mine.

    I have been rummaging thru my various storage bins and found a few 500E parts.

    2 front fender moldings

    2 rocker covers

    rear bumper shell (no impact strip or stainless)

    2 front seat skins, drivers is toast, but passenger isnt too bad.

    SLS pump 92/93 style

    smog pump 92/93 style
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    Re: 500e front seat leather cover, cream-beige


    You've been so quiet of late...

    I am looking for a 500E specific, plastic, rear inner-fender well part.
    RH, passenger side, a small part, behind the wheel, that fits between the inner fender well and the outer skirting. Black plastic, about 6" long.

    It prevents water and dirt ( burnt rubber too, in Dave M's case) from being thrown up from the rear wheel, into the space inside the rear fender.

    Should be easier for you to ship than the hood and bumpers I've asked about, in the past.

    I don't seem to have your email address, any longer.
    1992 500E

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    Re: 500e front seat leather cover, cream-beige

    There's a guy in Germany looking for the fender moldings. He posted a "wanted" ad yesterday, I think.

    FYI, there is no such thing as a 92/93 smog or SLS pump. The SLS pumps are the same for all years but the pulley is different for 92 (8-rib) vs 93-94 (6-rib). The smog pump has an integrated pulley, same year breaks (92 and then 93/94).

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    Re: 500e front seat leather cover, cream-beige

    Just an add to the 8 versus 6 ribs pulleys.

    All rotating equipment using the 8 rib pulleys will fit on the newer 6 rib pulley too. The 6 rib serpentine belt uses the 6 inner ribs on a 8 rib pulley, it lines up perfectly.

    I know this after replacing the AC compressor on my Limited last year, which came with a 8 rib pulley. So when that one fits, it's obvious that the other rot.equipm. fits too.
    I'm not sure whether it's any change in the pulley diameters around, however it's not a bigger difference than the belt tensioner will compensate for.
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