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Thread: FS w124 500e fenders/quarter panels

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    FS w124 500e fenders/quarter panels

    This is NOT my add, the original add can be found here, post #609.....

    FS w124 500e fenders/quarter panels

    2 front fenders 350.00 each, list for 600.00+ each

    2 rear quarter panels 350.00 each

    500e Engine and rebuilt transmission 2500.00

    500e rear bumper 550.00

    1994-95 headlight 95.00 each

    i can best be reached at
    1993 500E - 040 / 271 - Porsche Type 2758 ~~~~ 1971 250C Ivory / Cognac Leather

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    Re: FS w124 500e fenders/quarter panels

    I think I recognize that person... may be located in SoCal. Check out some of his other posts. Found this comment about the 500E being parted:

    "has a factory rebuilt trans, this car was owned by a very wealty man who lived in palos verdes. "

    Also this post from 6 months ago. Guess it really didn't need to go away by that Friday after all.

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    Re: FS w124 500e fenders/quarter panels

    He's a bit of a character. Has a propensity to "fish" for buyers (his daddy owns a MB wrecking yard). Sometimes he sells, sometimes he will throw an excuse and withdraw the part. Mostly the latter.

    I've seen these e500 body parts FS for 2+ years on/off. He's even mounted these fenders on his wagon dreaming/posting about it.

    want to see a pic of the actual car? Here you go...


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    Re: FS w124 500e fenders/quarter panels

    Headlamp wiper pump fire ?!?

    Would love to get the VIN of that burned car for the database.....

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