Hello everybody, been sneaking around here for several years without registering, but finally got to it.

Me and my father has been driving W124´s and W201´s for some years now. Back in 2008 my father bought a 93 500E, nautic blue with blue leather. He´s slowly putting it back to original state, but that´s another story.

Two years later I stumbled across a car in Sweden´s largest classifieds site, a ice blue 1994 E420 W124. I was at the time running a beautiful 300CE that I really loved, but was on a lookout for a V8 W124, of course foremost a .036. But since we have one in the family I also looked for the .034, that is kinda harder to find in a good condition.

So back to the ice blue one, called the owner who bought the car as a "jahreswagen" (year car, used one year by an owner and then traded in, quite popular in Germany) from a dealer in Germany. He is a corporate lawyer based in Sweden but working a lot in Germany, so he wanted an Autobahn express. He bought it, and imported it to Sweden, mainly for tax purposes.

Car is in the beautiful ice blue or perl blau color with code 378. Custom leather interior made by a company in Germany, car was original with grey cloth.
When I bought it it had 315000 kilometers on it (195 731 miles) with an absolute full dealer service history, plus loads of other work done. The man had not spared a cent on it, he had been maticulate.

But after driving it year around in southern Sweden and north Germany rust where coming here and there, nothing big. AC was not working and some other minor things. Took it for a short spin, it was really perfect, as was the price since he had his new E55 AMG on the driveway. Paid him on the spot and went home a happier man.

Since 2010 I have done the following to the car:

Rust fixing and a full respray in original color of course.
Wiring loom.
Full Sportline conversion including EVERYTHING but the steering box (which I will change aswell).
Feritta stainless exhaust with race cat custom built on the car.
Restored AC.
Plus loads more of "minor" things.
Bought a set of brake calipers from GSXR a while ago, will get fitted this winter. (Brembo ones for 334 mm discs, you know the ones)

Some pics then:

Before Sportline conversion but after paint job.

Brand new MB original rear window, expensive but so nice!

Some interior pics.

After Sportline, it has set quite a bit now.

Had to get a vanity plate.

Link to over 100 pics from the paintjob and rust restoration:

Today I've mounted the AMG fender widening kit to make room for Brabus Monoblock III 17" 8" wide with ET30:

If you're intrested I have a couple of hundred more pics here: