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Thread: W124 Auto dimming mirror with hidden compass, Homelink & alarm LED

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    W124 Auto dimming mirror with hidden compass, Homelink & alarm LED

    ADMIN EDIT: Click here for more info on various mirror upgrades from 2phast.

    I don't normally do builds using these mirrors, they are extremely expensive to get from wrecking yards and thus, just end up costing to much for the consumer.

    Anyway, I did manage to pick up a few for a decent price (not a good price) as the wrecker didn't realize they had hidden compass's in them. So externally they are very similar to the other offerings, some minor cosmetic differences and upgraded electronics. The amber compass is hidden when the mirror is off or the compass is turned off (yes you can turn the compass on/off on this mirror!). It also has the standard three button Homelink and a small, flat LED on the bottom of the mirror. The LED can be piggy backed to your factory indash LED (so they would both blink in unison) or you can connect it to a aftermarket alarm. The LED itself is not self blinking and requires a pulsed signal from your alarm. Installation is a little more involved, as you have two wires (+/-) for the LED, but other than that, its the same as the other mirrors.

    This is my last one and no promises if I can offer these at this price again.

    $185 shipped to US address's.
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