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Thread: Diagnostic machine

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    Diagnostic machine

    Hi,a buddy needs a diagnostic machine for M benzes.He wants to use it for as many year models as possible preferably 1994-2010.Does anyone have any info on what type and where to get them?Thanks

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    Re: Diagnostic machine

    GSXR can help you with this. I believe he authored a comprehensive thread over at about the different types of MB diagnostic solutions that cover "live" data, how good they are, how much they cost, etc.


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    Re: Diagnostic machine

    if you want cheap, the chinese SDS is likely your best bet/option..

    Carsoft is crap IMHO..

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    Re: Diagnostic machine

    Chinese SDS is the best option, it should do everything the dealership can do. Anything else will have limitations, and the limitations vary depending on the particular type/brand of scanner. For the 500E specifically, the Snap-On ain't bad, but it's still not as comprehensive as the SDS. Carsoft only works well with certain models, with others it's totally useless (including the W124).
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