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Thread: You Really Need to Make the Most of It

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    You Really Need to Make the Most of It

    It was as recognizable as a zit on the Prom Queen’s face…I’ve entered a new chapter of Life. I felt it hit immediately…I’m now older. I realize I must accept this reality, but only time will tell if I'll like it or not.

    Why? My oldest, long-time close neighbor across the street is on his last days of Life. Another good fella, across the alleyway from where the 500E is garaged, is just starting to spiral down.

    Reminding me that all Time is fleeting, the time was right to break out something special my late father had squirreled away since 1964…and I was lucky to rediscover awhile back.

    CanMastPc 001.jpg

    We thoroughly enjoyed easy-sippin’ a couple shots of some unbelievably righteous stuff.

    CanMastPc 002.jpg CanMastPc 003.jpg CanMastPc 004.jpg

    For some unconsciously flavourful reason, I pictured this Canadian Masterpiece whiskey’s decanter automatically & calmingly popping out of a secret compartment of Sean Connery as James Bond’s Astin Martin as he settled some harried vixen into the passenger seat.

    CanMastPc 005.jpg

    It’s that smooth.
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    Re: You Really Need to Make the Most of It

    I've had a few reminders myself recently. Indeed, make the most of it.

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