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    OWNER – DerFuror

    Build: 05/93; Delivered: 04Jun1993
    Paint: 040U Black
    Interior: 271 Black Leather
    Mileage: 190,000 (305,775km)

    I am the 3rd owner of this car. It spent the majority of its life in Texas, USA with also a couple years in California. The original owner was a Doctor; the second owner a software engineer/entrepreneur. I thank them for taking such good care of this car for me. The majority of mileage has been highway. It is stock except for the audio system, coolant temp sensor resistor & powerchip. Upon purchase, the only item that had to be replaced was the Starter Lockout Switch located on the transmission. It has been running like a scalded dog ever since.

    I dreamed about this car when I was younger. I now have my dream come true. The only way I will part with this car is via a completely ridiculously high offer no mortal can refuse or via the Jaws of Life. I am amazed at the high-end automobiles this Benz crushes on the motorway whether thru sheer power or cunning…ahh, the silky sound of Fury unleashed from under the hood when mashing the accelerator pedal to the floor; hence its name, DerFuror. My heart rate is elevated just writing about this car…I gotta have a smoke…
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    " Destination ???, It's the ride that takes you there! "
    1993 500E W124.036 040/271
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