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    Required Fuse


    I swapped out all my fuses today, in the process I stumbled across this box that has two fuse slots. The left slot on my car (passenger side) had a 10A fuse and the right side was empty. I believe this fuse controls the aux fan and requires a 25A.

    Can someone please confirm this for me and that the right slot should remain empty?? My fans have most likely not been getting any juice from a 10A. I'm glad I took the recommendation from people on the site to check over all the fuses.

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    Re: Required Fuse

    In the 2-fuse holder, one side is for the heated seats, the other is for the optional factory cell phone. If your car is a 1992, it probably did not have the phone, and the fuse would not be present.

    The 30A strip fuse is either for the twin auxiliary cooling fans in front of the radiator, on 1992-1993 (USA model year) cars only; or possibly for the HVAC fan blower (this fuse is usually located on the driver's strut tower, but on some later cars it is near the position shown in your photo).

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