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Thread: I have access to a 500SL (1994) - what is useful for my 500E?

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    I have access to a 500SL (1994) - what is useful for my 500E?

    Dear all

    I have access to a 1994 500SL - it is the earlier type with the distributor caps, M119. I don't have the VIN. The car has 120k miles.

    Would anyone know which parts I can harvest and keep for my 92 500E? I am thinking alloys (16" 8 holes), throttle body, MAF, distributor caps (depending on condition), FPR, air box, exhaust back box and steering wheel/airbag.

    What about diff? Gearbox?

    Anything else worth taking out?



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    Re: I have access to a 500SL (1994) - what is useful for my 500E?

    Hi Bill !

    If you recall, I used a 500SL as a donor car when I needed the "correct!" 5.0 engine for my E500. We swopped the whole drivetrain - engine thru' to gearbox as a complete unit. Auxilliary-wise, we also used the alternator and the power steering pump (the latter worked because the SLS has been deleted on my car), and also all the electrics as well, incl. cruise control etc.

    However, I can't speak for items such as airbags, exhaust, diff., etc.

    GSXR (Dave) gave me excellent advice when we swopped the engines, and was able to confirm what could be re-used on the 500. Maybe he'll chip in here with some advice?

    I would certainly be inclined to keep the complete drivetrain and ancillaries, plus as much of everything else as you have sufficient storage space for!

    By the way, excellent photos from the MB Concours event!

    All the best


    P.S. Forgot to mention that if the upper/lower wiring looms have been renewed on the SL (and you don't need them for your 500), then they should be very saleable.
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    Re: I have access to a 500SL (1994) - what is useful for my 500E?

    Front spindles are the same as on 034 and 036.
    Brakes calipers might be the same.
    Regards Martin
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    Re: I have access to a 500SL (1994) - what is useful for my 500E?

    The ETA won't work in the W124 because the cable will be too short; ditto for the wire harness (and if either are original, they are junk). Most of the other engine bits will swap over if you need them. The whole engine would be handy as a spare if it was cheap, and if you have space to store it. Tranny is a 722.3 but I'm not sure what the differences are. If the engine is an early build it MIGHT be closed-deck which would make it a nice core for a 6L conversion, you can tell by the casting number on the left side of the block.

    Differential is NOT the same and will not fit in a 124 chassis. Glen tried this already and proved it won't work. Front calipers should be iron Ate in 300x28 size, wouldn't be an upgrade for your 500E, just spares.

    BTW - some items are not worth messing with used, like the FPR. Buy a new one if you need an FPR!!

    Dave M.
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