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  1. Misfire or something when cold
  2. Fuel gauge fluctuation
  3. Central Locking
  4. No power - both key locks fails - how do I enter the car?
  5. smoking catalytic convertor
  6. Limp mode again
  7. Replacing Headlamp Switch Help
  8. Hircshmann 6000 El Antenna
  9. Me Blinkin' Blinkers
  10. Washer fluid resevoir
  11. E-GAS module
  12. headlamp moisture/condensation
  13. Digital Scanner questions + Resetting self-adaption values
  14. Help! (again)
  15. ABS ASR question
  16. 500E Feb.93 rapid surging on idle in P (park)
  17. Rough idle & fluctuation...
  18. Car is Surging
  19. Correct battery
  20. Is it possible to test the ECT sensor?
  21. Emissions fail
  22. Problem Ensues
  23. Broken aircondition compressor
  24. Wiring Harness?
  25. Misfire/rough after sitting
  26. Wiring harness did the trick!
  27. Best Mechanic / Tech in Connecticut
  28. Wiring harness degradation photos
  29. [OLD THREAD] Anyone have the 500E service manual?
  30. [OLD THREAD] How to remove the electric rear blind?
  31. [OLD THREAD] How to open Trunk without key?
  32. Surging / Stumbling at Cruising Speed
  33. Help identify this plug
  34. Vacuum/hissing sound fron dash (headlight switch)?
  35. ETA replacement - anyone know of a good write up?
  36. Oil Pressure Gauge
  37. Problem with my 500E 1992. Missfire and fuelline knocking.
  38. Video - Fault Testing the M119 Throttle Body Actuator, Rewiring and Restore
  39. stoopid question - jack stands with floor jacks
  40. Possible Disaster
  41. Loud fuelpumps
  42. E500 difficulty starting -- any thoughts?
  43. gas tanks
  44. ASR issue
  45. light humping at freeway speeds
  46. Noise coming from back of the car
  47. Emission testing : Failed, NOX and CO2 out of range..?
  48. Collection of good background articles
  49. Steering Wheel Vibration b/w 60 - 80mph
  50. ASR Misbehaving
  51. ODB1 to Bluetooth with logger
  52. Mysterious fuel odor
  53. Alarm and door unlocking problem
  54. Oil pressure gauge
  55. Part Number Help
  56. rough running
  57. Help, Need to get into trunk on 94 E500
  58. Star Diagnostic Tool
  59. Intermitent SRS light
  60. Different Rough Running Under Load
  61. Electric Radiator fans
  62. Solid light Pin 14
  63. Partial Electrical Failure
  64. E-Gas CEL, ASR intermitent failure, rough idle....
  65. Short clip of possible EZL failure
  66. Starting Issues after code pull
  67. choking possible MAF failure (not sure)
  68. Unexplained alarm activation
  69. Rough idle, smoothes out >3k rpm
  70. Stalls, won't start, backfiring - EZL/ignition or fuel related?
  71. Repairs & maintenance when incorrect diagnosis & Information - Case study
  72. 93 400E Missfire, transmission gets very hot
  73. Help - Got to HOT
  74. Wiring problem
  75. Help! Immobilizer/Alarm trouble...
  76. Problems with my 1991 500E, dont accelerate it well.... i cant reach more than 5.000rpm
  77. pin 6 ... abs
  78. About to give up
  79. Hesitation on Acceleration from stop
  80. code- how long before they re-occur. ASR light-what codes trigger it?
  81. Bad Spark Plug Boot?
  82. Some help in finding the source for quite a bit of fault codes
  83. ABS/ASR light with brake application
  84. ASR issues
  85. Help! Bad Cold Start w/ heavy smell of Gas!!
  86. Any ideas on the new leak?
  87. Factory Alarm Issue
  88. difficult warm start
  89. Try new battery or tow into service?
  90. mysterious tube and extra port on windsheild resevior
  91. light out dash light
  92. High Idle Speed w/DTC 6 on Diagnostic Module
  93. E500 high rpm problem
  94. Windshield washer doesnt squirt but i hear the pump actuating. What can i check?
  95. Problem when letting of the throttle, RPM going upp and down. 500E-92
  96. Oil level lamp lit but oil level is fine
  97. Mild chirp coming under dash vent area with blower motor off. Only on bumpy local roads
  98. Central locking - vacuum or electrical troubleshooting?
  99. Wiper Motor Removal?
  100. exhaust temp
  101. Please, help with Star Diagnosis results.
  102. Diagnostic Module (DM) failure
  103. ASR Light and Limp-Home Mode
  104. not accelerate
  105. ABS/ASR diagonstic
  106. 1995 E420 burning rich, then missing as warms up, then stalls and won’t restart (elapsed time 30 min).
  107. Spark Plug Wire Set
  108. Need Help With Trouble Codes!
  110. 1993 500e Running hot? Or not?
  111. Won't start
  112. Fuel level changing
  113. Spastic Gas Gauge
  114. Possible bad/stale gas purchase
  115. 400E bad fuel economy and rough idle when cold
  116. Speedo cluster (all of it) stopped working, ASR / ABS lights on, car drives normally..?
  117. Misfire while accelerating
  118. Need help (parts)!
  119. 500e starting issue-intermentent-when hot only
  120. Numerous problems...
  121. When accelerating from stop car bogs down and stalls out (ASR)
  122. Caps/rotors? Catalytic converters? Fuel pumps?
  123. 190E Help! Horrible Idle. Vacuum problem??
  124. Auxiliary (electric twin cooling) Fan Troubles?
  125. Yet another thread on misfiring....
  126. What sensor is this?
  127. Check your throttle cables!
  128. 500E engine cutting out and stalling. Assistance please!
  129. Help. Stuck at Costco
  130. After diagnosis
  131. Common issues to look out for?
  132. Got sudden gremlins with the E-420.
  133. Battery Light On, Rough Running Engine
  134. All warning lights come on at or near idle...what would cause this?
  135. idle issue
  136. Just found my gremlin on the E-420 VACCUME LEAKS!!
  137. Moving electric seats after removal
  138. 1992 500E Won't Turn Over
  139. How the key is turned causes solenoid malfunction. 94 E500
  140. Odometer quit after I reset the trip?
  141. Drivability problem
  142. Bulb Out Warning Light
  143. A sudden problem on my 1993 500e
  144. How to adjust throttle usin Star Diagnosis
  145. Intermittent wiper function is now "intermittent"
  146. Off the freeway today sudden loss of power heavy miss and then it's fine??
  147. New wrinkle in the E-420 issue no start then suddely it's fine??
  148. Bonnet Release Not Working
  149. ASR Light and heat
  150. 1994 E500 General Control Module
  151. 1992 500E No Start
  152. Hiccup on Hard Acceleration
  153. Unable to get Key into Ignition barrel
  154. M104 idle problem
  155. Aux. Electric fans
  156. High beams don't work
  157. Engine misfire, but only after hot restart and ok after 15min slow drive
  158. Clogged drain hose?
  159. 1992 500e Cranks....but no start.No diagnose connection LH, No signal to fuel pump relay
  160. Dead battery, can't open trunk
  161. Rough idle, engine misses after warm start
  162. Limp home mode !!!!
  163. Fuel leak in trunk
  164. 95 E-420 seemingly running rich on cold mornings.
  165. ASR
  166. E420 converting to non ASR?
  167. 92 500E Check Engine Light
  168. Radio Works but No FM Reception
  169. Help! My speedometer is off by 15-18 miles (higher)
  170. Fuel leak while running (Hose replacement info)
  171. Issues with the climate fan always running mid speed after the new throttle cable
  172. Please give an advise: CEL light
  173. Help! What is this knob for?
  174. Overload Protection Relay
  175. Electrical problem - warning lights on...
  176. Need help with what controlls the cold start routine on these cars ASAP!!!
  177. What is the proper way to adjust the throttle cable/ trans linkage on these cars?
  178. Anybody here own one of these break out boxes??
  179. The fight continues with teh 95 E-420.
  180. Fuel smell in trunk and cabin after filling the tank
  181. What Pisses Me Off
  182. Burning a lot of oil after drivers side oil tube replacement. Need help.
  183. Finally proper scan tool! help please.
  184. 94 E500 Stalling on U Turns!!!
  185. 1994 E500 changed spark plugs, now runs rough, bad spark plug wire
  186. 1999 SL500 trans fault
  187. Rubber liner in the front wheel arch?
  188. Ignition Switch failure?
  189. Rough Idle and Loss of Power
  190. 1992 500E CEL Fault 7 TN-Signal
  191. Limp Home Mode
  192. Car Driven Yesterday - Won't Start Today
  193. M119.980 - sometimes overheating and ticking noise
  194. Car Cranks but won't ignite.. Can't read fault codes
  195. E500 Mechanics In Or Around UAE
  196. Misfire \ Rough Idle loss Of Power
  197. Reconditioned Throttle Body in UAE
  198. How to correctly clamp (and unclamp) these special little hose clamps?
  199. Part Number for Washer Fluid Reservoir Heater Gasket
  200. E-GAS module wanted (Euro spec, 124-545-44-32)
  201. Engine dies when hot, won't re-start until it cools down
  202. Noisy when put D
  203. How to Remove of a Bumper Joint Cover Help needed
  204. Cruise Control induced Limp Home Mode
  205. 1993 500E - Sputtering when shift to drive
  206. Oil pressure diagnostic
  207. Strange and mild lumpy idle
  208. Assistance needed after ASR work
  209. Ticking noise from throttle body just after start up.
  210. Spark but no start; intermittent
  211. Surging / bucking after maintenance - PCV tube knocked loose
  212. Electrical draw help please 97 SL500
  214. Getting desperate on the 420
  215. Triggering asr at low speed
  216. 1993 400E Head gasket, Yay or Nay?
  217. Failed SMOG
  218. Need detailed view of the 36 pin and instructions on how to use my blink.
  219. ABS and ASR lights come on at ~10 km/h
  220. No matter what i do can not pull codes on my car with the flash i have??
  221. Loose wires and hose
  222. Car won't crank E500
  223. Car not going into cold start won't idle untill it warms now.
  224. SDS C3 error 10766 when trying to reading fault codes
  225. Trunk wont open.
  226. 1992 500E No start issue
  227. ASR light and Limp Home mode
  228. LH module with increased adaptation for DM code 19?
  229. Short causing gauge cluster faults
  230. 500E Interior Door Light Switch
  231. Fuel pump relay click
  232. Warning lights on!
  233. HELP! Mystery chirping/squeaking noise
  234. Black smoke
  235. '92 500E stopped running, now won't start...
  236. Diagnosing misfire with new caps and insulators
  237. Blower motor not turning on.
  238. ASR / CEL
  239. HELP! 400E 1992 wont run nor start
  240. I smell gas...
  241. Help I'm locked out...but only on the rear passenger side
  242. Help Guys, in limp mode my brain is fried
  243. comunication with EIZ and GM module problem..
  244. Diag starting problems .....car stuck on the street
  245. C3 Star software Support / repairs UK?
  246. Fuel Gauge Reads Inaccurately Near Empty
  247. All dash light on except srs and check engine??
  248. 94 e500 master key does not unlock trunk
  250. E500 won't pull past 4000rpm