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Taxi Driver
09-17-2016, 11:02 AM
Yes you Heard me right. We were out this wonderfull sunny Indiansummer afternoon, me 500E 6liter AMG, he, Cobra E500 oem.

So, after a road race Winding roads with only two 124 036'es, what a good roadholding cars they are, after that tour for an hour
We found an empty strech of straight fine bitumen, thinking. why not do a Little dragrace, both directions.

Now two nearly identical cars one 330hp allmost, wot. And one 400? hp how did that turn out to be? Well not that much difference in first gear
that yellow triangle was alert on both cars and not letting all the Power to play. Second gear not so much ASR interfearence
esp. on the 5liter a Little more on the 6liter, anyhow a Close race until both were in second, then and there the AMG motor
took command, clearly Walking away and the E500ed acting more like a 400E were left behind.

Now one start to wonder, is the ASR so unforgivung and not letting out what you have got, offcourse that is the case, in first
gear it seems both cars developed the same Power to the ground, the 70-80? hp extra did no practical difference untill second
was in.

Thats why launch controll in this case would be FGS/ASR-off and Diff-lock About the AWKWARD B to get first, I have more than
once been stuck in B as I did yet again, I will put the electronically mastered oem FGS in.

All this, and you can use all that extra Power from the start and walk away at once.