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03-04-2017, 04:00 PM
Found this list in the AMG forum, notice not a single 124036!!

AMG 600 BP9922 WDB10001222000143
AMG 600SEL BN9933 WDB1400572A192240
AMG 600SL BN8668 WDB1290762F102243
AMG 600SL BP88 WDB1290762F102178
AMG E60 BP513 WDB2100552A157393
AMG 600SEC BP8686 WDB1400762A191891
AMG 600 N563NGP WDB1400572A209717
AMG 600 KF1154 WDB1400572A208291
AMG 600SEC BP2299 WDB1400762A192873
AMG 600SL BN1888 WDB1290762F101906
AMG 600SEL BP7272 WDB1400572A297346
AMG 600SEL BP1199 WDB1400572A194417
AMG 600SEL BP7979 WDB1400572A297116
AMG 600SEL BP7070 WDB1400572A299987
AMG 600SEL BP2727 WDB1400572A296539
AMG 600SEL KF9666 WDB1400572A210277
AMG 600SEL KF8869 WDB1400572A294943
AMG 190 KF99 AMG2019361
AMG 190 KF138 AMG2019362
AMG 600SEL BP7878 WDB1400572A296945
AMG 600SEL BP7171 WDB1400572A296198
AMG 600SEL KF8868 WDB1400572A297585
AMG 600SEL BP2002 WDB1400572A294255
AMG 600SEL KF8878 WDB1400572A298333
AMG 600SEC BP1010 WDB1400762A191636
AMG 500SL BL9337 WDB1290662F045789
AMG 600SEL BM9779 WDB1400572A170823
AMG 320-E BP333 WDB1240922F296576
AMG 320-E BP221 WDB1240922F296562
AMG 600SEL KF50 WDB1400572A208605
AMG 600SEL BN8889 WDB1400572A194220
AMG 600SEC BP222 WDB1400762A193917
AMG 500SL BM77 WDB1290662F064290
AMG 600SEC NONE WDB1400762A192479
AMG 600SEC BN6336 WDB1400762A193751
AMG 320-E KF999 WDB1240922F276880
AMG 600SEC BP3399 WDB1400762A193265
AMG 600SEC NONE WDB1400762A192281
AMG 600SEC KF9669 WDB1400762A194679
AMG 600SEC BN6888 WDB1400762A192014
AMG 600SEC BN8886 WDB1400762A192304
AMG 600SEC BN88 WDB1400762A191744
AMG 600SEC KF8383 WDB1400762A227398
AMG 600SEC BN77 WDB1400762A189886
AMG 600SEC BQ7501 WDB1400762A319845
AMG 600SEC BN8228 WDB1400762A229248
AMG 600SEC BP2288 WDB1400762A191787
AMG 600SEC BN8558 WDB1400762A193505
AMG 500SL BL8888 WDB1290662F057481
AMG 600SL BM7373 WDB1290762F082697
AMG 600SL KF6969 WDB1290762F093815
AMG 500SL BL9995 WDB1290662F056255
AMG 500SL BM79 WDB1290672F073770
AMG 600 BN808 WDB10001222002036
AMG 600 BN3300 WDB10001622001357
AMG 600 KF8808 WDB10001222000162
AMG 600 BP1819 WDB10001622000406
AMG 600SL KF6060 WDB1290762F093210
AMG 500SL BM8888 WDB1290662F055786
AMG 600SL KF5588 WDB1290762F093959
AMG 500SL BL9880 WDB1290662F052167
AMG 600SL KF2288 WDB1290762F095983
AMG 600SL BM7337 WDB1290762F082506
AMG 600SEC BN3366 WDB1400762A229803
AMG 320-E KF8689 WDB1240922F296648
AMG 600SL KF1199 WDB1290762F094009
AMG 600SEC BM55 WDB1400762A136323
AMG 600SEL BP8889 WDB1400572A150516
AMG 600SEL BM8886 WDB1400572A146342
AMG 600SEL NONE WDB1400572A210165
AMG 600SEC BP38 WDB1400762A193474
AMG 600SEC DPD WDB1400762A135628
AMG 500SL BM7700 WDB1290672F073095
AMG 600SL BM7667 WDB1290762F082761
AMG 500SL BM7722 WDB1290672F073959
AMG 600SEC BQ7507 WDB1400762A375348
AMG 600SEL BP8118 WDB1400572A195093
AMG 500SL BL9966 WDB1290662F040109
AMG 600SEC BN6999 WDB1400762A190995
AMG 320-E KF6565 WDB1240662C061825
AMG C36 BS724 WDB2020282F042734
AMG C36 DTM BP73 WDB2020282F132216
AMG C36 DTM BP21 WDB2020282F134200
AMG 600SEL BM9559 WDB1400572A148610
AMG 600SEC BP1881 WDB1400762A191326
AMG 600SEC BM8833 WDB1400762A136293
AMG 600SEC NONE WDB1400762A227589
AMG 600SL BL205 WDB1290762F102363
AMG 600SEC BN2882 WDB1400762A195135
AMG E BN2838 WDB1240922F296940
AMG 600SEL BN8338 WDB1400572A194562
AMG 600SL BM7676 WDB1290762F082686
AMG 600SEC BM8887 WDB1400762A135893
AMG 220-E BN2030 WDB1240822F277295
AMG G BR1068 WDB46133827102400
AMG 600SEL KF555 WDB1400572A208785
AMG 600SEC BN3131 WDB1400762A229814
AMG 600 BN1829 WDB10001622002219
AMG 600SEC BQ7504 WDB1400762A320340
AMG 600SEL BP89 WDB1400762A191039
AMG 600 BQ1154 WDB1400572A209586
AMG 600SEC BQ7506 WDB1400762A360477
AMG 600SL KF6868 WDB1290762F093373
AMG 300SL BN1154 WDB1980405500302
AMG 600SEC BN123 WDB1400762A183747
AMG 600SL BP128 WDB1290762F101951
AMG 600SEL BP129 WDB1400572A157869
AMG 600SEL BN9939 WDB1400572A319885
AMG 600SEL BN9999 WDB1400572A319886
AMG 600SEL BN9979 WDB1400572A320920
AMG 600SEL BN9959 WDB1400572A320507
AMG 600SEC BN9929 WDB1400762A323090
AMG 600SEC BN9919 WDB1400762A322252
AMG 600 NONE WDB1400572A210846
AMG SLK BP8787 WDB1704472F002585
AMG T1-N BQ7560 WDB9040622P613416
AMG 300SL BQ7154 1.98041E+11
AMG 600SEC NONE WDB1400762A320740
AMG 600SEL BN219 WDB1400572A321405
AMG 300SL BN21 WDB19804045000149
AMG 600SL KF8879 WDB1290762F143615
AMG 600SEC KF9108 WDB1400762A194106
AMG 600SEC BN9992 WDB1400762A322259
AMG 600SEC BN9991 WDB1400762A322990
AMG 600SEL BN8118 WDB1400572A192789
AMG 600SEL BP2888 WDB1400572A336162
AMG 600SEL BP8868 WDB1400572A336245
AMG 600SEC BQ7502 WDB1400762A346018
AMG 600SEC BQ7500 WDB1400762A346028
AMG 600SEC BP9393 WDB1400762A366657
AMG 600SEC BP9399 WDB1400762A337036
AMG 600SEC BP9559 WDB1400762A337356
AMG T1-N KF9929 WDB9040622P611698
AMG 600SEC BP6999 WDB1400762A338488
AMG 600SEC BP735 WDB1400762A336155
AMG 600SEC KF9999 WDB1400762A349745
AMG SLK KF9993 WDB1700442F002501
AMG 600SEC BP9599 WDB1400762A337845
AMG 600SEC BP9339 WDB1400762A336513
AMG 600SEC BP9595 WDB1400762A337501
AMG 600SEC BP9699 WDB1400762A338220
AMG 600 KF8880 WDB10001522001743
AMG 600SEC BQ7503 WDB1400762A347795
AMG 600SEC P92TGJ WDB1400762A338430
AMG SLK BP9899 WDB1700042F002571
AMG 600SEC BP9799 WDB1400762A338942
AMG 600SL BQ1973 WDB1290762F147717
AMG 600SL BP1973 WDB1290762F144617
AMG 600SEC BP8887 WDB1400762A336026
AMG 600SEC P93TGJ WDB1400762A338015
AMG 600SEC BP9696 WDB1400762A337911
AMG 600 1LBS WDB10001222000298
AMG 320-E M46MYR WDB1240922F290985
AMG 600 13/06 WDB10001422002536
AMG 600SEC P112RYH WDB1400762A320842
AMG 600SEL NONE WDB1400572A207605
AMG 500SL KF2023 WDB1290662F047413
AMG 600SEC BQ7505 WDB1400762A380861
AMG 600SEC BP9009 WDB1400762A336468
AMG SLK BP9993 WDB170447SF002512
AMG SLK BQ7073 WDB1704472F002657
AMG SLK BP9292 WDB1704472F002525
AMG 600 BP9999 WDB1400572A336404
AMG 600SL BP9199 WDB1290762F152396
AMG 600 BP9977 WDB1400572A336303
AMG 600SEL NONE WDB1400572A149012
AMG 600SL BQ7494 WDB1290762F148299
AMG 600SL NONE WDB1290762F122696
AMG 600SEC NONE WDB1400762A134991
AMG 600SL NONE WDB1290762F082683
AMG 600SL BQ7529 WDB1290762F151754
AMG 600 BQ7561 WDB1400572A336541
AMG 600SL BQ9199 WDB1290762F152433
AMG 600SL BQ7590 WDB1290762F152112
AMG T1-N BQ9339 WDB9040622P619012
AMG 600SL BQ9988 WDB1290762F153944
AMG 600SEC BQ7508 WDB1400762A368273
AMG 600SEC DPM WDB1400762A190632
AMG 600SEC NONE WDB1400762A189517
AMG 600SEC BQ7510 WDB1400762A368434
AMG 600SEL BQ7527 WDB1400572A336931
AMG 300SL BQ9779 1.98043E+12
AMG 600SEC NONE WDB1400762A228586
AMG 600 BQ7528 WDB10001522000601
AMG 600 BQ7888 WDB1400572A336843
AMG T1-N BQ7177 WDB9040622P650139
AMG 600SL BN515 WDB1290762F082432
AMG 600SEC NONE WDB1400762A190298

03-04-2017, 04:27 PM
Looks like he's really into the POWER!!! of the V-12 to me. What would you expect? He's a SULTAN.

Probably a lot of those 600's are ARMOR PLATED and need the extra AMG power to lug them around.

Someone should have pushed the Brabus 036-7.3 in his direction.

That's an impressive list.


03-04-2017, 06:23 PM
I've heard that most of them suffered from heat exhaustion being stored in poorly ventilated buildings :(

03-04-2017, 11:26 PM
Yes, that's true. Since they put him down, the vehicles are stored in halls where the ac and ventilation was switched off. Due to the humidity there is said to be a lot of fungus in the interiors as well as other signs of lack and care are coming up. No one allowed to touch or sell the cars.

03-05-2017, 12:09 AM
A quote from an article about the collection:

Near the back of the compound were two long, two-storey buildings set about 15m apart. Stretched between the two buildings was a corrugated tin roof on an elaborate trellis which offered some protection from the blistering sun but not from the rain. In the shade of the overhang were another 300 or so cars, mostly 1995-97 500 SELs and SLs, all black/black, many with the windows down, all rotting into oblivion. All were right-hand drive, none had airbags and none had duty paid, so... not viable to sell to England, and because of the no-airbags, difficult to be sold to Australia or New Zealand. Many were AMG specials with very nice wood or carbon-fibre trimmed interiors, big motors, etc. We referred to this group as "the reef", as that was probably their ultimate disposition.

03-05-2017, 01:48 AM
Amazing list but so much waste is sad

03-05-2017, 04:38 AM
I've heard that most of them suffered from heat exhaustion being stored in poorly ventilated buildings :(

"laughs" ...sounds like you are describing "animals found in horrible inhumane condition" ", like in a potentioal news headline :):D

03-05-2017, 05:46 AM
What a waste of money and valuable cars at the same time. Imagine if all this excess went to the rest of the population in this tiny country; you would have a whole country where everyone has a high education, prosperity and a high end Mercedes :) .. Then you can call it the richest and classiest country in the world.

06-27-2017, 03:00 PM
AMG SLK BP8787 WDB1704472F002585
AMG SLK KF9993 WDB1700442F002501
AMG SLK BP9899 WDB1700042F002571

These three all have the AMG M104 3.6 engine. They appear in this video.



I wonder what engine these three might have.

AMG SLK BP9993 WDB170447SF002512
AMG SLK BQ7073 WDB1704472F002657
AMG SLK BP9292 WDB1704472F002525

* the VIN numbers from the Brunei list are not all that accurate. I assume these 6 SLK VIN numbers all begin with WDB1704472F.

Taxi Driver
06-29-2017, 01:54 PM
Amazing list but so much waste is sad

Ahh, who cares? That Collection, for my sake and concern, could aswell be placed on the dark side of the Moon..

07-26-2017, 04:22 AM
Ahh, who cares? That Collection, for my sake and concern, could aswell be placed on the dark side of the Moon..

You say that, but a lot of cars have escaped the collection now.

Follow taffy_c_s_145 on Instagram. He has lots of photos of the collection, some showing Brunei auctions where the cars are being sold off.
Interestingly, most of them seem to be in good condition.