View Full Version : Which check-lights need to glow on ignition and ACC?

04-08-2011, 09:58 AM
Hello, i have a couple of question regarding the istrument-cluster in our 500Es.
I have re-installed my istrument-cluster into the car after fixing it, but there seems to be some issues. Please keep in mind that my cars engine and gearbox is still out of the car.

1. As the intrument-cluster was out, upon switching on the ignition, all 4 little lamps which later going into the right side of the istrument-cluster, were glowing.
Now as i connected every connectors on the instrument-cluster's back, only 1 light of the 4 on the right side is glowing and on the left-side only the one for the oil-level (or if i have enganged the foot-brake this will glow also). Why is this ???
As soon as disconnect the round large connector from the back on the left, all 4 lights on the right will glow again, however no difference for the check-lights on the left.

The little light-bulbs on the left side are all working, i know the ones from oil-level, high-beam and foot-brake are working (high-beam will light up when using high-beams, foot-brake lights-up when foot-brake is enganged) so i interchanged the bulbs with each other and no difference upon switching-on the ignition.

2. Furthermore 2 of their numberings on the right side are gone, so i have only "5" and "4" numbered and "2" and "3" are not numbered so i don't know which one is the "2" and which one is the "3" (btw in europe we don't have a "1" which on your cars is the check-engine light). Obviously one is the "SRS" and the other the "ASR" lamp. One is even glowing for some seconds in the key-position before ignition - is this "SRS" or "ASR"

3. The ASR-light on the top of the Tachometer only glows for about 0.5 seconds when switching-on the ignition.

04-08-2011, 01:21 PM
Anyone could go into its 500E an check at least for point "2" ?

04-08-2011, 01:27 PM
Christian, all the lights should come on, but the SRS light will go out after 4-5 seconds. That should help you identify which one is for SRS (assuming they are working normally!). Also, in position 1, only the SRS light turns on.

NO idea what's going on otherwise though - very weird!