View Full Version : Battery/ASR

05-14-2011, 01:30 PM
Just replaced the 7 year old battery in my 93 with an Interstate MTP 93
Now the phone powers up on start up along with the antenna going up whether radio is on or not. It will also not retract when turning the radio off, something it did before, until car is shut off. Where can I disconnect the phone so that it does not do this everytime I start the car. Also the new Interstate has so far eliminated the intermittent ASR light/limp mode that seemed to appear every once in awhile. Changed plugs, wires cap & rotor after the car sat since November. This made a very noticeable difference & once I got the caps off I now know why there were some driveability problems after the hibernation. There was quite a bit of carbon bulid up on both the rotors & caps.
Overall very happy with the car again