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05-26-2011, 03:53 PM
Does anyone know if the Central Locking system in our cars can be set on "Star/SDS" so that the doors lock when driving off?? Don't know about US models but here in Europe there's no lock/unlock button on the dash like more modern MB's. Again, just one of those things that's missing from these beasties...oh and ASR defeat.(or was this an option?)

Would'nt want to be a victim of 'carjack' :brudda:


05-26-2011, 04:22 PM
AFAIK, the SDS can't do anything with the IRCL system on the W124, other than pull blink codes. Personally I can't stand the auto-lock function, my BergWerks FGS had this "feature" and it drove me nuts until I disabled it. You should be able to get an aftermarket kit that performs this function if desired though, since it wasn't part of the factory design. The lock/unlock button on the dash was, I believe, part of the optional IRCL system (Euro only) so if your UK car doesn't have the switch, it's probably doesn't have IRCL either. And the plain central lock system (on all US-spec cars) doesn't even support blink codes.

ASR defeat was never a factory option on the 124 chassis, but it has been available via aftermarket or DIY for many years. Pretty straighforward install, just time consuming. It's only useful for the racetrack or hooligan antics; you don't want it disabled for normal street driving.


05-26-2011, 05:31 PM
There are realistically, two ways to get auto-locking on the W124.

One, as GSXR mentioned, is to get the "deluxe" version of the BergWerks first-gear-start (FGS) module that comes with the "security" feature. Not all of them had this -- there was a basic model without the "security" and "sport" modes and an advanced module that had the "security" (locking feature) and "sport" modes that gave an extra FGS setup that held the first-gear longer than the standard setup.

The BergWerks FGS security mode is adjustable so that you can activate it at the vehicle speed you want to. I believe it came from BergWerks set to trigger the locks down at 5MPH.

Unfortunately, new or used BergWerks FGS modules are as rare as hen's teeth to find, and are pricey when they do surface. I have a deluxe model sitting on my workbench at home (and another deluxe one installed in my E500) but I wouldn't let it go for less than $1,500.

The second way would be to get a car alarm that has the capability of sending an electrical signal to the vacuum pump to activate the locks. This is common and easy to get with just about any alarm nowadays. My wife's 1995 E320 wagon has such an alarm installed that does this -- I disconnected the alarm itself but kept the door-locking feature enabled for her security. The doors lock as soon as the ignition key is turned and the engine starts. I don't know if this is adjustable or not.

As far as ASR defeat - this has been well-documented here, on 500Ecstasy, and at the PeachParts Benz forum for many years. It costs about $50-75 in parts (you need a multi-pole relay and lots of wiring, plus various & sundry other minor items, as well as lots of time to wire it properly and reliably). I'd say it's a tedious enough job that it would generally be a "moderate DIYer" type of job. Not for beginners, but not brain surgery either.

Agree with GSXR that it doesn't have much of a place in day to day driving. But it sure comes in handy at the drag strip.

Unfortunately, over many years I've found that chicks don't dig smoke shows all that much -- it's mainly a guy thing -- so using your ASR Defeat switch frequently won't really get you laid. It's far better just to be chill and look cool. Chicks don't really dig NOS either, until you give them a hit or two off the bottle...... :shitnot:


05-26-2011, 07:02 PM
There is now another FGS Module available on a Internet page which is not BergWerks afaik.

Where are the topics located for a DIY ASR-Defeat switch. Me wants to have that. Thanks :-)

05-27-2011, 06:29 PM
Have FGS module fitted by PO but I guess it's just the basic one. Is it only Bergwerks that made FGS module for our cars?

Anyway, cheers guys. Not a must, just thought it can be done. For now my left elbow will have to do! :banana2:

05-27-2011, 08:18 PM
No, there is a company that currently makes a product called "FGSswitch" -- I think 2Phast has extensive experience with this product and he has given it a "thumbs up" review. However, the FGSswitch does NOT offer the automatic door-locking capability.

Two places where you can get good, meaty ASR Defeat information are from the www.2phast.com (http://www.2phast.com) web site and www.peachparts.com (http://www.peachparts.com) forum, where an extensive thread on the topic exists. Just search for "500E ASR Defeat" and this thread goes back many years. You can find everything you need to know to do the job yourself, right in this thread. It's what I did some years back. Many current and former 500Espotters & 'Extascyers' have contributed to this thread.


05-28-2011, 03:44 AM
Thanks Gerry for the insight on ASR defeat. Don't think i'll be hitting the drag strip or intend on going sideways, and since it won't get me laid :mrgreen: I'll chill and cruise for now. :cool:


05-28-2011, 08:01 AM
There is a third option. It's only a slight variance, but maybe important to know - my car has neither the Bergwerks FGS or an aftermarket alarm, but it does have automatic locking triggered by the aftermarket remote entry system. This makes more sense to me, since the remote entry system must have control of the locking system to operate. My remote entry/remote start system works with the factory alarm, and my doors lock as soon as I start the car.