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07-13-2009, 09:35 AM
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UPDATE MAY 2011: Content borrowed from this thread:



Here is the latest time slip with 3.69 and LSD.

2.106 = 60'
1/8 mile = 8.678 @ 88.22 mph
1/4 mile = 12.921 @ 118.25 mph

The result was so poor and sad for me.
There would be a too much bad condition No VHT and without proper setting for spring and shocks etc. above 27c degree.

Yet inspite of Big Earth Quake, Tunami and radiation. We Japanese 5OOE's are survive !



My 500E Recent detail is following
All information could be seen at My b-log but written in Japanese. Sorry.

F: Continental Sports Contact 5 255/35/19
R: NITTO 555 Drag radial 275/45/17 3years old Air is 0.9kg/cm2

F: Bilstein Enapetal Custum Shocks 9 rebound adjustable: F:4 Mid
R: Bilstein Enapetal Custum Shocks 9 rebound adjustable: R:1 Softest but not suit with hard Spring

Echigoya Custom Springs 10kg/mm around for Speed Run, Not Suit for Drag strip too Stiff and bad balance with soft Shock

Stock AMG M119 motors 6.0 yet running from 2005 over 100,000km
Headers, front pipes and Silencers
Echigoya Custom build Headers and Front Y 55mm Dia pipes with Twin A/F sensors and Ex Temp sensor.
Echigoya Custom build main and rear silencer and 75 mm Dia pipe

Echigoya Custom made air cleaner box
Echigoya intake manifold modification with cool air gap

380cc@3bar BOSCH EV6 Fuel injectors
Adjustable fuel Pressure Regulator
Hi-Octane pump gus

Fuel management
LH EP-ROM Setting(s) and Writing(s) A/F Around 12 to 13:1
Exhaust temp is around 800C at front pipe collector

3000rpm Stall Converter
Echigoya Custom build AT with extra K1 and K2 clutch disks ( 5 to 6 each )
10 rows Trans cooler

OS-Giken LSD with 2.65 to 3.69

Cooling Too Much to list
Remove Stock Engine fan and Auxiliary fans
Single Electric fan with Custom made aluminum shroud
Custom made Separate Air condensers at L&R like Porsche 996
Remove Stock power steering cooling pipe
2rows Power Steering Cooler at Left inner fender
Niibe Custom made Finned Aluminum Oil pan
Porsche racing Oil cooler larger capacity
Etigoya Custom made Under Floor Cooling Diffuser (Engine Under Cover )
Custum made Rear Flat Diffuser : Cutting Spare tire house and Flatten

Echigoya Custom made FRP HOOD with ducts
Echigoya Custom made FRP Trunk
Remove Sunroof and CFRP Roof Skins

The weight is around 1644kg (3625 lbs) with rear seat and heavy audio amplifier.