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03-24-2015, 12:23 PM
So I recently purchased Putco Neutron lights for my 036. I'm now faced with two issues I knew I would have when I went into this:

Hyper flashing of the blinkers
The warning light on the dash indicating a light is out

I know the only way to solve the hyper flashing is to install a resistor. This will mean I have to find a way to secure the resistor away from any plastic which would melt.

However, for the warning light on the dash, I am thinking about just pulling the bulb in the dash. Yes I know that means I'll lose the ability to know when a bulb is truly out but (1) I don't want the cost and labor to install resistors to every bulb and (2) I don't want the amber light on in the dash.

Is this easy to do?


03-24-2015, 12:50 PM
Robert I avoided an issue on my c126 by only doing puddle lights, and the license plates. No trouble at all on that end. As for the idiot light, it's up to you. I would personally be reluctant to solder 13 resistors too. So a true story? Wasn't aware my light out indicator bulb was burned out, until I replaced cluster gear a year after I bought car.

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03-24-2015, 01:26 PM
Thanks. After seeing this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7A192TEPwU), the easiest route is to pull the instrument panel and remove the bulb. Apparently, there is a spare socket for exhaust temperature warning where I can put it which was for cars in the Japanese market.