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Taxi Driver
06-27-2015, 01:53 PM
Yes, I was just out starting the AMG 6l, if I remember this in the back of my head, the free revving ability of the 500 LH oem, cutout was at about
4500rpm,right? Now with the AMG module LH '92 from its original place in a S60 W140, I tell you, it revvs like hell, unbelievable response IMO
an cutout starts at 5500 rpm!

I take it, the speed limiter 250km/h is removed (have not tested that yet) are they colatteral or how high momentarily does this LH let the rpm
in gear, I wonder???

PS I belive the AMG LH is not only compensating for more fuel demand, would be interesting to compare w aftermarket chip/reprogramming