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Thread: Starter - Should it sound like this?

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    Starter - Should it sound like this?

    As part of my out of control parts replacement, I decided to install a new (refurbished) Bosch starter since I already had the exhaust system removed.

    I just started the car today for the first time and as you can hear in the attached sound clip, the starter has what I would describe as a post start "zing" of sorts. I don't recall what the old starter sounded like (its been 6 months since I started the car) so just looking for opinions on the sound of the new one before i put the full exhaust back on.



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    Re: Starter - Should it sound like this?

    Sounds normal to me. The zing afterwards is the starter motor spinning to a stop. As long as there is no rattle or other odd sound (indicating a possible bearing or bushing failing) it should be fine. Cranking speed sounds good too.

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