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Thread: tyres for evo II 8.25

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    tyres for evo II 8.25

    Currently on Bridgestone potenza's, stock size 245/45 17's, now 50% worn and tram-lining at times.

    Just wondering, when it's time to replace them, if I can go wider than 245's and if so, what's the maximum?? And best tires for spring/summer?

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    Re: tyres for evo II 8.25

    Its borderline. 255/45-17 has minimum recommended rim width of 8". Bonus, its 1.2% faster than stock!
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    Re: tyres for evo II 8.25

    I would stick with the 245-45-17's on the Evo wheels. If you want wider tires, get wider wheels.

    Best tires are a whole separate debate, I recommend reading the reviews / ratings at to help decide what might work best for you. Be careful of tires (especially very new tires) with high ratings that have low total miles though, these are often skewed too high. Tires rated very high with a lot of reported miles (>10M) are usually safe choices.

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