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Thread: '93 E400 recirc/fresh air problem - No fresh air

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    '93 E400 recirc/fresh air problem - No fresh air

    Hi All,

    I am new to this forum and would like to have the first post as this problem is making me so mad nowadays
    I have red through a couple of threads about this issue already.
    Usually the symptoms are that the flap stays open and there is no recirc air but mine is the opposite.
    It is the manual 2 sided version. When I hit the recirc button I can hear a clicking sound but nothing changes. The flap is closed with the recirc on and off also. What should be the basic position of this flap without the vacuum opened or closed?

    I removed the viper mechanism to reach the flap from the engine side. The flap is closed firmly so I tought that the basic position is when it is closed. Is this theory right? So then the vacuum opens the flap?
    Btw do the automatic and the manual climate system have the same vacuum tubing and Y7 vacuum block? I ask this because all the diagrams and DIY manuals that I've found is for the automatic system. I don't want to disassemble the dash before I find a proper manual for the manual climate system

    The only thing that I discovered so far is that I can hear a very silent vacuum sound when the fan speed selector is not in the zero position (half way between the 1 and 0).
    So I would really appreciate if you guys could confirm that the vacuum system is the same for the automatic and manual systems and I could start to work on the DIY threads that I've found
    Do you have any suggestions that where should I start with the troubleshooting?

    This issue is really an annoying one because during the winter your windows gets foggy within 10 minutes :/

    Thanks in advance for your replies!


    ps.: sorry for my english, it isn't used daily

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