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Thread: Trunk Organizer

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    Trunk Organizer

    I'm curious what folks have found and use to organize their trunks. Just found this option

    Rola 59000 M.O.V.E. Rigid-Base Interior Organizer (25" x 15")


    I am actually hoping to find something small, that fits in to the driver side channel.

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    Re: Trunk Organizer

    Quote Originally Posted by stevenstevensteven View Post
    I'm curious what folks have found and use to organize their trunks...
    I have a well-made tool bag that fits in the spare tire carrier basket. It can also fit easily within the fender well. Duluth Trading Co. Master Series.


    It holds my factory tool kit, fuses, relays, spare fan belt, etc.


    I also have two knock-down trunk organizers from Harbor Fright for carrying groceries. Very portable for whichever vehicle needs them. Well-made & inexpensive @ ~$10 each.

    I also have a detachable cargo net in the trunk to help keep things in place (there's an existing thread describing it somewhere on the site).
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