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Thread: Electrical issues interior

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    Electrical issues interior


    We just visiting a friend owner of a 500e .-93

    He have som issues with electrical in the car.
    Drivers seat is not working
    Stering wheels adjust not working
    Electrical rear windows left and right doesn’t work
    And odometer doesn’t count
    Asr warning lamps occasionally comes on
    Left and right hand heater valve doesn’t work,
    hot hole the time..

    If someone have an idea

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    Re: Electrical issues interior

    A lot going on here. If fuses are original issue, remove and use the brass torpedo (remove battery cable first and clean the fuse box contacts). Ensure all ground straps in the engine and the transmission are free of oil and are tight. Upper harness issues, is it original and while I am not an expert on the European dual climate control, have a look at the duo-valve. The hose can leak, and the connections get corroded, those wires are of a thin gauge as well. Just a process I would follow to hunt down obvious issues before breaking out a wiring diagram and a voltmeter.
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    Re: Electrical issues interior

    Sounds like a ground strap contact issue or fuse contact issue.
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