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Thread: M119 head and intake conversion

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    M119 head and intake conversion


    I'm newbie here.

    I have both E500(124) and SL500(129); M119 engines.
    I have few other cars I use as daily drive...

    My question is regarding the SL, I have few issues with the injection, the MAF, and the ETA. As you all know: insulation/wiring, etc.

    Now, one of my friends advised me to just sell the car and get rid of the headache of rebuilding everything, especially taht the interior too needs some attention..
    But this car is so dear to me, I ca't just let it go...

    It has a AMG body kit; AMG 17" 3 pc OZ rings, and even a pano roof I bought a while ago..!

    My guess is is there a way to convert this M119 engine 5.0 to the M119 55 AMG? I mean can I swap the heads+ all what comes above it(intake/ETA/injectors/MAF, etc)??
    Let me explain: I just bought a used M113 removed from a 2000 E55 AMG. It comes with full computers/wiring harnesses/injectors/MAF/ETA/tranny... I mean full!
    It goes without saying that I wish I could just swap the whole engine+tranny; but I was told that the drive shaft and the differential wouldn't fit at all, because of the difference in dimensions.

    Could you please guys give me any ideas or did some of you do similar job on their car before?


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    Re: M119 head and intake conversion

    There was no such thing as an M119 55 AMG. The only AMG motors that used the M119 were a 5-liter and 6-liter variant, and these were never brought to the USA.

    The 55 AMG motor you are referring to is an M113, the successor engine. Everything you need to know about what can be done to these motors (and even discussions comparing/contrasting the M119 and M113) can be found in the archives of this forum. The search function is your friend. Failing that, use Google.

    It would be a near impossible task to swap in an M113 to replace an M119 in a W124 or W129 chassis. I'm sure it's been done, but the complications are pretty extensive, and pretty severe. The transmissions, driveshafts and associated hardware are very different, as well.

    Far better to just buy a late 129 chassis with the M113 already installed. Or just get a W210 E55 AMG.

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    Re: M119 head and intake conversion

    Thanks a lot gerry..

    I was almost sure it would be veeeery difficult if not impossible.. But since I believe in the fact that these engines are built to last(especially the M119) I thought I might at least ask if any modification can be done...

    I bought this M113 cheap, and I thought I might use it in my SL...
    I thought it would be just as easy as removing the old engine+tranny and fit in this 55 AMG as I know later AMG R129 had a similar engine(last year model 2002). But unfortunately the issue is how to fit it in with the standard drive shaft+differential which are completely different!
    Of course you will tell: make a search and try to find a 2002 SL55 in some junkyard; but it is veeeery hard to find one since a few were made...
    The issue is that the current engine needs FULL rebuild and the most costly parts are the ETA/HARNESS/MAF and this MAF as you all know is no more available even at MB Stuttgart!!!
    Any other suggestion?

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    Re: M119 head and intake conversion

    I don't understand the issue. Your friend sounds like he doesn't know how to fix your SL500, and assumes you can't fix it either. The M119 is not that difficult to repair, just fix the car and leave the M119 as-is. MAF and ETA are normal wear items, after confirming they are defective, repair / replace them. Remind me again why you don't want to do this?

    Trust me - If you can't fix the M119 stock engine / wiring / etc, there is NO way you'd be able to retrofit an M113 powertrain. It would be easier to stuff a carbureted Chevy small-block and Turbo Hydramatic in there (please don't do this!).

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