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Thread: Electrical controller driver seat

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    Electrical controller driver seat


    Also have a issue whit the electrical driver seat.
    The car have two memory for the drivers seat.
    All the motors will working,
    seams the electrical controller unit doesn’t work.
    How to repair this unit?
    Of course the adjustment on the stering wheel
    not work, but the motor is ok, even the switch

    Some one have a clue?

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    Re: Electrical controller driver seat

    Hi Berglund,

    I'd first check the obvious items, which would be the relevant fuses in the fuse box. Mainly you want to be looking at fuses E and F in the fuse box.

    For the seat, next I'd check the switch in the driver's door (perhaps you can temporarily exchange it with the passenger door switch, or a spare) to ensure that it is working OK.

    Failing those, it's very likely the controller box (which also houses the seat memory) in the seat base, that all of the seat motor harnesses plug into. This part number is 129 820 01 26 (driver's side) and they are not cheap - over $300 discounted in the US. Likely you can get a used on on eBay or at a wrecking yard from a late W124 with seat memory.

    This seat control unit also interfaces directly with the telescopic steering control motor ... another clue that the seat control unit box may be bad.

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