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Thread: SL500 progress and thank you all!

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    SL500 progress and thank you all!

    Slowly but surely, in my spare time this "project" SL500 is getting to be well road worthy!

    Last week - B1 seal (with out dropping transmission out), today B2 seal, soooo much easier than B1. No more transmission leaks!!!

    So far, this $900 car (originally purchased for parts, but just couldn't do it) does not owe me much $300 :

    $65 used MAF
    $70 ATF
    $30 AT filter/gasket
    $10 Torque converter and AT drain plugs and washers
    $25 B1 and B2 seals
    $35 vacuum lines and rubber elbows for all under the hood misc, all renewed
    $20 Gear/diff oil
    $10 Diff drain plugs
    $35 Misc supplies (Antifreeze, brake fluid, rags, cleaners, etc...)

    Now, at $1200 Starts, runs, drives, shifts and stops!

    Day I purchased it (waiting for the tow truck to take it home)

    Filthy engine bay

    And now

    Far from perfect, I will refresh all of the suspension components in the next few weeks (paint by the end of summer), but from pretty much and abandoned car that was parked outside for 2+ years to a full solid driver (instead of being another scrap yard victim) - not bad!!! She looks great at 15'

    One thing I can not put a price on is information from here and R129 section of benzworld, the help from the members beyond valuable and encouraging! Many thanks to all for all time, the information you all share and pointers on how to do "things" to keep these cars alive!!! The "How To" section is


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