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Thread: shifter console wood - different types

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    shifter console wood - different types

    I ordered a refurbished shifter console wood piece from ebay for my wagon. I went to put it in and found that it's slightly different than the piece in the car. The refurbished piece has longer prongs at the end near the ashtray. They're too long and the piece won't fit. Also, the new piece does not have plastic hooks under the underside like the existing piece.

    I'm thinking of taking a dremel to the prongs on the new piece (as carefully as possible). Anyone have any experience with this kind of job? Am I sure to crack the newly refurbished surface? I'd rather make it work than spend the hassle of returning it.


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    Re: shifter console wood - different types

    You can go with a dremel, high rev is needed. I did with 20k electric, was ok, the upholstery guy is doing with an air compressed 40k machine, even better.

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