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Thread: Technics Tool sale - Warehouse closing

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    Technics Tool sale - Warehouse closing

    See attached PDF. Everything is jumbled together (BMW, MB, VAG, etc) so you have to look closely to pick out the Mercedes bits. Some really good deals here. I just bought a bunch of crap I'll probably use once, maybe five years from now. D'oh.

    The M201-1143 puller (for the rear/large suframe mounts) appears to be NLA/OOS. Haven't heard of anything else yet that is OOS, but if you find anything please post below so we all know what's gone. The TTS160 fuel line plugs are pretty neat, these screw on to the fuel hoses to seal them off, after you disconnect the hoses from the engine fuel rail. Haven't tested the plugs out yet, but should help reduce fuel leaks and fire risk when you have the hoses disconnected.

    You can place an order via phone or email. They don't have an online storefront.

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    Re: Technics Tool sale - Warehouse closing

    Great, so now in addition to parts acquisition/hoarding, tool hoarding/acquisition is also part of the mix......

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    Re: Technics Tool sale - Warehouse closing

    Found a couple of tools to buy. For anyone still looking: Owner (Suzanna) advised that they will be out of the country for the next month and will not be able to ship any further orders until they get back.

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