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Thread: Turn signal Happy Ending

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    Turn signal Happy Ending

    My 1994 E, 152K miles, was under wraps through the winter. Fired up fine in the spring and gave her a vigorous Italian tune up. Noticed that the turn signals stopped working, FROM TIME TO TIME, Likewise the wipers but not the fluid when you pressed in the stalk for Wiper/Washer.

    Blown fuse? No. If it was a blown fuse nothing would work. This problem was intermittent.

    Faulty stalk controls? Possible. Except as I checked through the system the Hazard Lights also malfunctioned at the same time.

    Combination Relay: Likely problem. I removed it to get the part number ( about $126 at the Mercedes dealer). Reinstalled it, and voila, everything was working. sprayed leads with some wd 40 and so far the problems have disappeared. Seems to have been an issue with corrosion on the leads or connectors in the box.

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    Re: Turn signal Happy Ending

    remarkable hw much voltage goes thru the ignition switch and the combination switch. It pays to get OEM for both, never trust the china aftermarket stuff. Get them while you can, sooner or later the 24-26 year old parts are going to go.
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    Re: Turn signal Happy Ending

    Bill, Id have given you one for free. I have about 8-10 of them in my parts stash Let me know next time !! Ill run one right over.

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