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Thread: Coolant Low Indicator?

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    Coolant Low Indicator?

    Hey Guys,

    My 210 (E55) has been throwing a few curve balls at me lately. About a month or two ago my coolant warning flashed-up, it was undoubtedly at a low level. I felt the cap had to be original after inspecting it, so I replaced it with a oem equivalent and burped the system. I filled the reservoir to about 90% capacity when I replaced the cap. There is no change to the level of coolant to date after this procedure.

    Today the low warning light displayed, but the level is still at 90%. I’m leaning towards a faulty sensor? The cooling system appears to be operating fine. I appreciate all the help!



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    Re: Coolant Low Indicator?

    Interesting, I just read the coolant and windshield washer fluid are interconnected on my car. I recently posted about an issue with my washer nozzles not spraying properly, I believe the washer fluid is low but I have yet to receive a low warning message.

    Something tells me these issues are interrelated. I feel the 210s were the originator of over-engineered electrical systems for MB. Nothing like the ones after Daimler-Benz!! They can still act a bit quirky at times though.

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    Re: Coolant Low Indicator?

    The coolant tank and washer tank sensors are resistive and wired in series. Some people usually change out the washer tank sensor first to see if that solves the problem. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. Then you move on to the coolant tank sensor. Thankfully both these are relatively cheap.
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