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Thread: ASR light

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    ASR light

    When I drive my Mercedes 500E for 20min
    the ASR light comes and the car goes to limp

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    Re: ASR light

    Neutral Safety Switch would be my first guess. It's exactly that, a guess. But it's a cheap enough guess that it's worth trying. It's also a known fault.

    Mine would do that when the car got warm. Stop the car, restart it, fine until it goes into limp mode again. NSS fixed all of that for cheaper than it would have taken to poke and prod to "diagnose". That one was for me a 500EBoard special. "Humor me, just throw one in. Don't diagnose. Everyone on the E5E Board says...

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    Re: ASR light

    Need to clear codes on the E-GAS module, then pull codes again the next time it goes into limp mode. Preferably digital codes via SDS. That will narrow it down.

    maw is right though, if the NSS is old or original, it should be replaced on principle after 25+ years. Pretty much all of my cars needed the NSS replaced at some point.

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