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Thread: Trunk Lid to body bumpers?

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    Trunk Lid to body bumpers?

    Anybody know the part number for these rubber trunk lid stops or bumpers? See all the pictures. There are four of them total in my trunk lid. 2 on each bottom corner closest to cabin, one above driver side bumper stop and one on driver side under rear lip.

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    Re: Trunk Lid to body bumpers?

    These are paint drainage holes. Part number for the plugs is: A1169970886 (4x)
    W123, W124, R129, W163, W201, R230

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    Re: Trunk Lid to body bumpers?

    I ordered some from MB Portland via their website portal as mine were less than ideal. Very cheap. SINCE we are on the trunk lid subject; see in the picture what a horrible job the painters did on over spray when they re-painted my silver car?
    I wish to have the exposed "black" repainted on my lid where they over shot. The painters only gave me a few mm of overage with the silver but I'm inclined to tape it off myself and bring the lid in just to have them repaint the undercoat. How can I find the OEM paint code for the undercoat and is it year specific? Is it an e-coat? Can I buy the paint myself and provide? It sure is not a black but almost a dull grey black. All help is appreciated. Thank you.

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    Re: Trunk Lid to body bumpers?

    There has been some discussion about the color of the trunk/spare tire area recently which I believe is the same as the underside of the trunk lid. You may find it with a search. I repainted the underside of two trunk lids recently and found Rust-oleum 7798 semi gloss black to be a perfect match. One lid was a 92 my, the other a 95 my. The original color and semi gloss was still present underneath the insulating liners. They were identical. Only the exposed edges were faded.


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