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Thread: COPS & RODDERS featured model showing and GTG - Placerville, CA - Sept 29 2018

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    COPS & RODDERS featured model showing and GTG - Placerville, CA - Sept 29 2018

    I've been in touch with the current owner of my previous 040 500E (also owned by KarlC for a while), who is helping organize the annual "Cops & Rodders" car show in Placerville CA, near Sacramento. He's a true gentleman and car enthusiast, and owns a number of cool cars -- in addition to one of the nicest 500Es out there. He asked me to help spread the word about this event, and gauge interest in having a GTG/showing.

    The event organizers are interested in setting aside space for E500E's, and giving them special recognition at this year's show. They're also hoping to get Mercedes-Benz Corporate involved and participate in the recognition of our cars, which would likely happen if a sufficient number of E500Es turn out.

    The show website is:
    Registration info can be found here:

    Would folks be interested in a GTG at the show, and actually showing their cars at the event? Seems like a great opportunity to foster the "collectible modern classic" status of the 036.
    Janos Z

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