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Thread: Evo wheels original Finish?

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    Evo wheels original Finish?

    I bought some Evo wheels years ago. These have the 500 specific part number B66470084.
    I was told they were NOS when I bought them and they certainly looked untouched.

    However they are a painted finish. I was under the impression original wheels were diamond cut?

    Can anyone say for certain?

    I have a magazine shoot coming up for the 500TE and I wanted to mount these... to go with the theme that the 500E Wagon that Mercedes never made...
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    Re: Evo wheels original Finish?

    Both existed, painted and diamond cut under different part#
    Yours seems to be the painted version
    Looks nice

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    Re: Evo wheels original Finish?

    The W201 EVO wheels were painted, orderable under accessory p/n B66470061. I am not certain what part number is stamped on the back side.

    The W124 Limited EVO wheels were diamond-cut with clearcoat (High Sheen), and are a different part number. The back side should have the number 124-401-17-02, orderable under p/n B66470084. See EPC screen shot.
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