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Thread: SA code 958

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    SA code 958

    Can anybody tell me the difference from normal 500e to the Limited?? i need some infomations for the hight of the rear spring. I have here for my normal 500e the a1243243004 with sls.and another option was sa code 958 limited.are this spring shorter as the normal ?? or where the diff for 958. my spring has a blue strip and 4 lttle withe strips.they are brand new and original from Local MB Dealer. Thanks Markus

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    Re: SA code 958

    Limiteds (code 958) do have a slightly softer/shorter rear spring, it lowers the back end slightly... like, 5-10mm at most. Details are here on page 2:

    Otherwise, code 958 was strictly an appearance package, with special monochrome paint & wild geometric pattern interior. Bird's eye maple wood was standard on Limiteds but burled walnut wood was optional; ditto for the wheels where Evos were standard but you could get stock wheels as an option.

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    Re: SA code 958

    Thanks this is what i am searching.

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