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Thread: Vacuum lines 722.5

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    Vacuum lines 722.5


    I'm switching the transmission in my W124 E320T -94 (722.503) and when I lowered the transmission I forgot to check which line went to which port (one green and one purple), and they got disconnected when I lowered it.

    Anyone knows which should go where?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Vacuum lines 722.5

    Not specifically familiar with the .5 variant, but for the .3, the green line is for the upshift delay when cold. This runs to the vacuum port on the green valve at the transmission.

    The other purple line should be associated with the E/S switch next to the shift lever which, i assume you have? This was not a US spec item on the .3 trannies, but perhaps was for the .5? Or, perhaps you have the ROW implementation? Regardless, the purple line runs to the other connection you show at the transmission.

    Just noticing now that the green line runs to the green valve and the purple line (looks red to me in the photos) runs to the red valve. Coincidence? Probably not! Hats off to those MB engineers

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