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Thread: It so rarely happens

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    It so rarely happens

    But when it does, it gives me a spring in my step for the whole day. Not my normal commuting car, but I'm driving my car to the office this morning, and crawling in traffic on what is normally a 3 lane high speed road (50/301 for those in the Annapolis area). I hear a slight beep to my right and look over, and the driver of a blue Durango is gesturing, I roll my window down and get the "500E?" question and a big thumbs up. So I give him a big nod and a smile and say thanks. And then traffic moved and that was it. Love it when that happens.

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    Re: It so rarely happens

    I get a few of those as well, when I take my car out. Seems more knowledge/appreciation of the car here in Maryland than when I was in Texas.

    Next time you're on 50 heading to or from the Bay Bridge, get off at MD-450 and come by my place. I'm literally 2 minutes off 50.

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    Re: It so rarely happens

    Where I live, there is a nice Coffee & Cars every Saturday. In fact, it is probably the best one on the East Coast. I have driven my 500E there and there was one time where I was on the single lane road leading out of town and when it became two lanes, the BMW 1M pulled over and noticeably slow down to give me the thumbs up. I waved in thanks and, in looking in my rear view mirror, I saw the driver pointing at my car and probably explaining the others in the car how cool it is. Definitely made me enjoy the car even more that day.


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    Re: It so rarely happens

    This happens with some regularity here on the left coast, perhaps even moreso since my car is painted in a conspicuous color. Everything from the driver of a modern E63 waving me down to get my attention, to the father and the teenaged kids in the recent-model-year E300 wagon waving at me on the bay bridge, to the guy on the sidewalk exclaiming "Oh! Its the hammer! [not exactly]," to the sales guys at the Subaru dealership going gaga over the car when I pulled up to take delivery of a Crosstrek for my folks.

    It certainly does contribute to a sense of smug satisfaction. I wonder how much the smugness compares to the experience of those who have a Palo-Alto-Camry (Tesla S)??? Certainly exceeds the pious smugness quotient when I bought the Prius in 2004.....

    Note --- lots of sarcasm/self-deprecation in this posting.....
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    Re: It so rarely happens

    I call it “the Mutual Admiration Society” ... passengers are always wondering “do you know that guy?” I’m like, “he likes the car. He’s part of the Society.” I’ve been fortunate that all of my car “picks” have found their way in. This and the S55 get the most votes, but the Allroad 4.2 and the E46M have their fair share of admirers too. It only gets better as the cars get older but don’t age.


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    Re: It so rarely happens

    funny, i usually do the opposite. While driving my 500e, i give the thumbs up to other w124 drivers

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    Re: It so rarely happens

    I experienced this just a couple of weekends ago! We were tootling around downtown, stopped at a traffic light, and this older guy on the sidewalk leaned over, gave me a ‘thumbs up’ and a “Nice Car!!!” in a slightly european accent. Made my day!

    The 124 love is so strong, even us pedestrians get some! ❤️

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    Re: It so rarely happens

    Yep. Those in the know know what these cars are. Walked out of the Home Depot a few years ago to have a 16V parked next to us. I told my wife that was not a coincidence and sure enough the driver and passenger popped out to chat us up. She used to drive the car as a daily and got tired after awhile of people following here and then asking if the car was for sale. At one time I had about a half dozen phone numbers of potential suiters.
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