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Thread: 91 500E Heater Hoses

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    91 500E Heater Hoses

    Hello all,

    One of the heater hoses carrying coolant behind the engine has sprung a leak. I am struggling to find this part on EPC. It is on the left side of the engine - I know this is the one leaking as it's covered in coolant and coolant is dripping out from that area under the car.

    Obviously I would like to have it replaced, the question is can this easily be replaced from the top of the engine or do many components need removing, i.e. shall I get a garage involved?

    It would also be great to have the MB part numbers for these parts and also recommendations for any other parts are to be renewed at the same time.

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Re: 91 500E Heater Hoses

    Maybe this post will be helpful to you.
    Jon D.
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